There will be a variety of mini workshops offered Saturday and Sunday. Remember to sign up for one as soon as you arrive because class sizes are limited! Browse through what will be offered!

Connie Schlosser Connie’s Fiber Crafts:
Needle felted patches on fiber

Rita Smith, South Bay Studio:
Weaving on a disk

Angela Rogers, Cedar Creek Alpacas:
Needle Felted Alpaca Christmas Ornaments

Janet Deutmeyer, Coastal Fiber Haven:
Learn to use the drop spindle

Connie Schlosser Connie’s Fiber Crafts:
Kumihimo Bracelets

Cydne Pidgeon, Siren of the Skeins:
Crocheted earrings

Angela Rogers, Cedar Creek Alpacas, and Cindy Buckland, A Needle and a Poke:
Felted Greeting Cards

Cheri Diehl, Cheri’s Cat Track Studio:
Kumihimo Keychain

Sari Peterson, Twists & Turnings:
Antique Wheels

Mini-Workshop Schedule

Mini-Workshop Instructor Bios

Janet Deutmeyer, Coastal Fiber Haven:

Janet lives on the WA coast after having owned an alpaca farm for 10 years.
She’s an Olds Master Spinner graduate who has taught at various fiber festivals,
sharing her love of all things fiber to everyone who’ll listen.

Cheri Diehl, Cheri’s Cat Track Studio:
Cheri Diehl is weaver (since 1982), a spinner (since 1992), and knitter (off and
on all her life!) She loves trying (and often rejecting) new crafts. Kumihimo is
one that she decided to keep in her repertoire. Her studio is located in Ilwaco,
WA where she spends time when not running a real estate business, golfing, or

Debbie Ellis, Artisan Fibers:
Debbie caught the fiber bug in 1995, when she learned to spin. This was
followed shortly thereafter by weaving, dyeing, felting, and other fiber
education. Today, she teaches both traditional and natural dye classes, and
vends her handwoven, hand-dyed products at numerous fiber and art shows
throughout the region, under the name Artisan Fibers. She, her husband Jim,
and cat Roofus, divide their time between their home in Milwaukie, OR, and
their beachside lavender farm in Port Orchard, WA.

Sari Peterson, Twists and Turnings:
A crocheter and knitter since the age of 7, it seems as though Sari has always
had crafts and fiber in her life. Later, as a seamstress and costume designer,
her love of textiles continued to grow. Learning to spin nearly 15 years ago was
a natural extension of her love of craft and a desire to learn the beginnings of
her fibers and fabrics. Once Sari sat down at a wheel there was no turning
back. Spinning became and remains her first love. A collector of antique
wheels and spindles, the historical aspects of the craft are what she finds most
fascinating. She has just started working on a written study of spinning’s role
through time.

Cydne Pidgeon, Siren of the Skeins:
A lifetime of knitting, crocheting, and broad experience in the arts gave Cydne
her expertise in color and composition, and once she became a spinner, her
current fiber business, Siren of the Skeins evolved. Now an expert spinner and
NWRSA certified judge, she joyfully shares these loves when teaching;
combining practicality, strong technique, and creative flair with her students.

Angela Rogers, Cedar Creek Alpacas:
Angela Rogers is the owner of Cedar Creek Alpacas in Cook Wa. Angela and her
husband Alan have been raising alpacas for 10 years. They also have a boutique
and fiber studio on the farm. Angela’s love of fiber arts includes felting with
the beautiful fiber her alpacas produce as well as weaving and spinning.

Connie Schlosser, Connie’s Fiber Crafts:
Connie is originally from Connecticut where she learned how to knit and
crochet and sew at the age of eight. (60 years ago) Her mother is a terrific
crafter and seamstress and she is her only daughter who likes fiber crafts.
Connie teaches knitting, crochet, spinning on a wheel or Turkish spindle and
both wet and needle felting. Her favorite pastime is spinning followed by
knitting. She has sold many of her fiber creations at fairs in CT and WA. She
currently lives in Kennewick, WA and spends summers in Chinook, WA.

Rita Smith, South Bay Studio:
Rita’s studio overlooks the beautiful Willapa Bay where she spins, weaves, knits
and works on various other crafts. She will be leading a “make and take” mini-workshop during the Columbia Pacific Fiber Festival in November! Rita is always
willing to learn something new!